SBCC Takes to the Streets in Prayer

Walking and praying are not often used in the same sentence, but on the bright Saturday of August 3, SBCC members and friends took to the streets to connect with God and pray for our communities.  More than 50 people committed to walk their neighborhoods including, Fremont, Campbell, Union City, Los Gatos, Chicago,   Milpitas, Washington, DC, Oakland, Antioch, Hayward, San Jose, Tracy, and Manteca.  A small group gathered at South Bay and walked 3-4 miles in each direction, and then concluded the time with corporate prayer and sharing, singing praise and watching posts from Facebook, such as this one:  

God is awesome!  I’m checking in from Richardson, TX. My mom who attends South Bay encouraged our family to participate in the prayer walk wherever we were.  What a blessing!  God is an eye opener.  In the midst of praying for others He showed me myself. I’m quick to serve in other communities but neglected to see the great need in my own.  Day in and day out I pass by my neighbors homes, cars, etc. and, in our hustle and bustle never stop to truly ask God to bless them in this season, heal their body, be a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their path, to be a hedge of protection around their children.  I’m reminded that just because some areas look well...issues still exist.  We never know what happens behind closed doors.  God is needed even by those who don’t know they need HIM.  Today, I believe that God will answer prayer and every home, business, school, church, etc. was made better as a result of this prayer walk.  Thanks South Bay! 

(Natasha Collins)