Reflections by Pastor Leedah

Our youth had an incredible experience of meeting and sharing God during the Grenada Mission Trip.

First, this trip was a journey of culture.  It taught us a different way of life: one where poverty was intensely overt and need was redefined.  “Poverty is not the worst thing in the world,” Nigel Bernard noted, “because material goods don’t necessarily make you happy.” Many of our youth said they had a new found sense of thankfulness.

We strove to see beyond the lens of “physical help” to focus on God’s working in and through us. When serving in different homes, Jaylen Johnson said he felt “Jesus was there, smiling and clapping us on.”  In a reflection Maurice Smith wrote, “When you put God first, he can help you struggle through things.”

This was also a journey of community. Bayli Jones observed: “There is something about mission trips which allows us to strip ourselves of the everyday shells … and see each others’ true colors.  I believe I am in a group with some of the most amazing young people I have ever met.”

Mission trips have the astonishing ability to not only bless the people you serve, but to catalyze the formation of your own soul while you are serving.  The youth who attended have been changed forever.


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