Planting Seeds of Peace

This spring, members of ASAM conducted several school assemblies on Anti-Bullying at James Leitch Elementary School in Fremont.  The theme of the program was “Planting the Seeds of Peace”, and addressed Respect and Caring; Love and Kindness; Making Good Choices and Problem Solving; and Knowledge and Responsibility.

Interactive skits demonstrated what to do in a variety bullying situations.  Student participation was overwhelming and well received by the students and faculty.  ASAM team members were extremely gratified and blessed to be able to provide a positive contribution to such an important concern in our society today - BULLYING.

“It was a humorous, informative, and inspiring assembly for all the students at Leitch. It helps the students to resolve conflicts in a practical and positive way. Role playing is very powerful in conveying the meaningful message!”

– Principal, Leitch Elementary School

“The assembly helped my students deal with negative feelings in a positive and constructive way.’

                        – Teacher, Leitch Elementary School

“I learned that bullying is wrong because it hurts people’s feelings. I like the assembly because it’s very funny and it’s like watching the Tom and Jerry Tale.”

                        --2nd grade boy, Leitch Elementary School