Initial Reflections of Grenada by James Tolbert

After two days in Grenada, I became less concerned with our contributions to the Grenadians and more concerned about what God was teaching me through them!  In every aspect of daily living, the Grenadians make do with what God has already provided, and they have joy.  They are mostly free of the distractions and materialism most Americans are so severely afflicted with. I didn’t necessarily expect the adults in our group to quickly affirm nor act in recognition of this minimalism...but I did watch the impact on our youth.

At a group meeting, one young man, deeply humbled by his experiences with the Grenadian people, stepped forth to directly and forcefully address selfishness; materialism; and the lack of critical thinking among all age groups. Whether he decides to act to resolve these issues within himself and assist others to do the same is the second step. The first step was his (and my) spiritual realization of the obstacles that prevent all of us from fulfilling God’s plan in service to humanity.