Deacons Partner with Salvation Army to Touch Lives by Deacon Frederick

Earlier this summer, SBCC Deacons partnered with Salvation Army by hosting donation bins at church, and then serving at the Salvation Army center in San Jose, the site of a donations warehouse, Family Store, and Adult Recovery Center (ARC).  SBCC Deacons spent the morning sorting books, purses and bags, golf clubs and so on, and then toured the Adult Recovery Center. 

We learned more about the mission of the Salvation Army, and were able to fellowship with the men in the program over lunch in their cafeteria.  It was inspiring to learn from some of them how they turn to Jesus throughout the day as they recover from such intense brokenness in their lives.  One leader explained how agitated he was after serving 14 years in San Quentin, not knowing how to turn on a microwave or function in society.  Life skills training is one way that SBCC can continue to partner with the ARC.  Another is in business mentoring, an idea that resonated with Deacon Mike.  Deacon PJ offered her assistance to get Safeway donations flowing to the ARC kitchen.

The Salvation Army ARC drug and alcohol rehabs offer long term care, and provide low cost and free treatment to those in need.  Anyone is welcome, as long as they are willing to participate in a Christian program of recovery and willing to work within the organization as they undergo treatment.