Carl Ray's One Man Play in Grenada Mission

… as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.  (Col. 3:13, ESV)

Nearly 1,200 residents of the island of Grenada came to attend the performance of author, dramatist and South Bay member, Carl Ray.

Carl Ray’s play, A Killing in Choctaw, begins in segregated Alabama in 1962.  The story is based on Ray’s personal journey upon witnessing the shooting death of his father.  For decades, Carl Ray was tormented, and held captive to the painful details of the experience.  Through experiencing the love of God, Ray finally surrendered and realized that forgiveness offered the only remedy from the anguish he was suffering.

Grenada’s revolution of the 1980’s was the result of uprising from a dictatorship.  Although it was decades ago, the physical, spiritual and emotional wounds in Grenada’s history are still felt among its residents.  The overarching theme of forgiveness is what many residents recognize, as the balm of healing necessary for their country.

During SBCC’s mission, Ray’s performance helped foster a difficult dialogue between local residents who held opposing political views, from years ago.  Several individuals expressed how much they welcomed the dialogue in order to begin the journey to be freed from the hurt and pain of the past.

“The process of forgiveness begins when someone is finally tired of carrying the burden - tired of being angry….  Perhaps that is the first sign that someone is ready to forgive.  They just need someone to help guide them through the process,” says Ray.