Leadership Pathway Ministry

At South Bay Community Church we define spiritual leadership as using the gifts God has given us to make a positive impact wherever he places us.  Inaddition, some people also have the gift of coordinating, organizing, and motivating others to action.  This is the gift of leadership.

Whether you have the gift of leadership or are seeking to have maximum impact as you serve others, the Leadership Pathway’s mission is to prepare and equip all members to Change the World through the development of their gifts, leadership training and mentoring support.

The Leadership Pathway includes:

  • Identifying gifts and passions, and matching them to a place of service at SBCC.
  • Completing a Leadership Orientation Workshop to learn more growing as a leader at SBCC.
  • Participating in leadership development workshops known as A.C.T.S. (Actively Choosing to Serve).
  • Attending leadership development classes as offered by the Growth Ministries department.
  • Selecting a mentor to further develop calling, service and leadership.
For More Information about the Leadership Pathway Ministry contact Pastor Tammy Long at Leadership Pathway Ministry.